Calling Out The Bretenders...

Frens don’t lie to, cheat or tax frens.  It’s up to all of us to call out badly behaving Bretts.

'Based' Brett "0x53" on Base

We can all thank “Based” Brett for opening our eyes to the truth. This Brett was exposed online for being way less than transparent about their whitelist shenanigans, HUGE insider allocation and paid influencers literally shilling the coin to their loyal fans while dumping their bags on the unsuspecting mugs. Shameful.

As with all smart contracts, the devil is in the details. In this case there were 139 addresses secretly added during deployment of the contract. No you won’t see them in the contract code, but you can find them if you know how to read the transaction data.  Kindly someone else has done the job of explaining this in more detail.  H/T to crypto sleuth @shady_oak1 for their honest work.


Get yourself a fresh cup of coffee or a bowl of popcorn and then dig in to this enlightening exposé to learn the truth about Based Brett’s origins and the general lack of care for anyone in their community.

OG Brett "0x80" on Ethereum

Even the OG Brett on Ethereum wasn’t immune to sneaking taxes into their contract. This wouldn’t even show up in Uniswap, buyers just got 15% less Brett than expected.  And what if you wanted to sell your BRETT , oh there’s a 70% tax on that btw! 🤯  Now, what happened to all the BRETT that got taxed?  That’s easy: Automatically sold for ETH each time the community buys.

Each time someone traded BRETT, the contract was programmed to also run an accounting job to steal the tax and swap it for ETH all in the same transaction.

Now that’s just the taxes out of the way. What about a list of addresses in the contract that can not only skip the taxes mentioned above, but could also buy before anyone else and is not limited buy the maximum TX/wallet limit imposed on everyone else? Sounds like a whitelist, right? Well yeah, obviously.

Shady Brett "0x66..b4" on Ethereum

Here’s another Brett that taxes his frens.  Just not cool guys, stop it.  Pepe showed us the way, now let’s all follow his example! 

This Brett also has also implemented max transfer and max wallet limits that only apply to everyone else.  To be honest, these contracts are so similar that it could just be a sloppy copy/paste job and the creator wasn’t even aware…

Do you ever wonder why some coins cost more gas to do a swap? Well, it’s because there’s a whole lot more going on under the hood than just your swap.

This Brett uses the swappers gas to sell all the accumulated taxes for ETH and then send to the creator’s address. That’s pretty shady, dude.

Can't we do better?

Pepe started this whole meme train off with a simple rule: “No Taxes, No Bullshit. It’s that simple.”

It’s time for Brett to follow the same rule and put the community first so that we can all buy without worrying about insiders swallowing huge supply, invisible taxes eating away your spending power and all this other bullshit in between.  If you’re ready for a better Brett with no strings attached, built for the community and fully transparent so that we can all trust in what we share, then it’s time for Brett “0x66…69”.  Btw, did you know he’s Pepe’s real bFf?