Brett 0x66…69

A Better Brett.  Built for the Community.

He’s back and Bretter than ever on Ethereum with his 3 best frens: Wolf 0x67, Andy 0x68 and Pepe 0x69.

CA: 0x66BFF695F3B16A824869A8018A3A6E3685241269

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Calling Out ‘Bretenders’

Brett’s good name has been tarnished by a few recent launches and even some established ones.  Shady behavior and lack of transparency prevent them from being fully embraced by the community.

Here are a few examples of some Bretts that were not built honestly or intended to be fully owned by the community:

Unfair Brett "0x53" on Base

A Brett with insider whitelist addresses holding a massive 81% supply? This is crazy!  On top of that, the LP wasn’t burned, but locked, meaning at some point that liquidity can be pulled from the community without notice.

Frens don’t lie to frens.

Build Brett Back!

Shady Brett "0x66..b4" on ETH

You think 1% tax is bad? This shady one sneaked a 23% initial buy tax into their contract. It also has a whitelist and hidden owner address.  That’s some mega shady behavior and does not benefit the community.

Frens don’t cheat frens.

Build Back Bretter!

OG Brett "0x80" on ETH

The term OG doesn’t necessarily mean honest or legit. You think 1% is bad? This “Original Grifter” had a 15% initial buy tax and a 70% initial sell tax into their contract.  Not the kind of behavior to expect from a community driven Brett.

It’s time to hold all accountable.

Build Brett Better!

Build Back Bretter!

Some want it to happen, some wish it could happen.  We can all make it happen.  Build Back Bretter!

100% Community owned

Brett is built for the community, to be owned fully by the community. There’s no one individual calling the shots.

No presale or whitelist

100% of BRETT was supplied to the Uniswap Liquidity Pool. Nothing is  held back for any team, no allocation whatsoever.  The community is in full control.

LP burnt and contract renounced

There can be no doubt about Brett’s honorable intentions after launch. The contract is fully renounced and the LP is 100% burned.

Zero taxes

There are no extra taxes on swaps, limits on sells or any kind of shady tricks in Brett’s contract.  Unlike some other Brett’s that came before…  Transparency builds trust.  Trust builds frenship.

It’s Bretter With Frens

The Boys Club are now all together, as they always should have been. As the old saying goes: “Friends who play together, stay together”

Total Supply

1,000,000,000,000 BRETT.

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Contract Safety

Contract ownership was renounced straight after after creation.

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No Smelly Taxes

No taxes are stolen when you swap or transfer your BRETT.

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LP Burned

LP tokens were burned straight after adding 100% of BRETT as liquidity.

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